Gifted & Talented

Gifted and Talented Programming for Advanced Learners


Warder Elementary provides special programming for students on an Advanced Learning Plan. These students receive curriculum above grade-level standards and have multiple assessment results that show advanced performance.

Gifted and Talented Program Coordinators, work alongside the regular classroom teacher so enrichment and acceleration can be provided for students on ALPs as well as students that show advanced learning potential. Often, advanced learning potential is identified with an advanced score on one or more of the CoGat or State assessments.

The district directive is to provide support for students displaying advanced work, or the potential for advanced work, to be provided with additional support within the classroom. Participation in the ALEK'S online math program and advanced literacy groups are examples of how Warder Elementary meets advanced learner's needs.

Passion Projects

One way that students at Warder will be challenged this year is with Passion Projects. Focused on extended learning in areas of interest students will formulate a question that they would like to find the answer to. Mrs. Fulcomer and Mrs. Wagner will be working with group on these projects.